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House of Delegates
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Dear Members of APTA TN:

The APTA House of Delegates meets by ZOOM next week--Monday June 1-Wednesday June 3. Your Tennessee  Delegates and PT Caucus Reps want to share some of the key topics with you. We discuss and vote on these  topics next week as your representatives. Your opinions and questions will be welcomed by all of us.  So please take a look and let us hear from you.

In addition to checking out what we have attached here, we invite you visit the APTA House of Delegates Community page (you get there by selected Communities on the APTA Home page and then selecting "House of Delegates" from the drop down. There you can find detailed information on the business we will be addressing on your behalf.


Here's key topics we think will be of interest to you:

Motion 2: Changing how our dues are set: This motion provides the APTA Board of Directors more flexiblity insetting membership dues. Read about this and let us know what you think!


Motion 6: Shall delegates from Sections of APTA  vote? Currently only delegates representing Chapters can vote? What do you think?


Motion 11: Modifying APTA's position on the responsibility of PTs and PTAs related to protecting the environment, includes the climate.. The 2019 House passed a position about the responsibility we have in our clinics  and other practice sites to be environmentally responsibility. Oregon would like to modify that position. What do you think? 


Motion 26: Financial Transparency of PT and PTA programs--this motion is setting standards for PT and PTA schools regarding the information that publicize about the cost of the programs beyond what is currently required by accreditation. 


Motions 28 & 29: Charge to APTA to study PT workforce


We will also be voting for new officers: Treasure, Speaker of the House, 3 Directors and 2 Nominating Committee Members. Please check out the attached slate and let us hear from you if you have questions about candidates and elections.


And there is much more! A list of all the motions (RCs) is attached! In addition to the above, the PTA Caucus meets this weekend--info below!


Let us hear from you please! 

Your 2020 APTA TN Delegates & PTA Caucus Representatives

RC 2-20

Summary  RC 11-20 -Environmental Stewardship by PTs & PTAs

is sponsored by Oregon and New Jersey and is an amendment to a similar motion that passed last year. The RC authors want to substitute the original language with more detailed language that includes environmental stewardship and public awareness of climate change.

The authors detail several pages of ways physical therapists should change their behavior in regards to specific areas that include diets low in red meat, poultry and modifications to behaviors and reducing greenhouse gasses.

The language of the bill is more palatable than the support statements that are controversial. The bill authors would like to see the APTA support all of the topics listed and claim our profession needs to be in line with other professions but does not name the professions that have adopted such language.

I ask that we vote NO for this amendment due to it specifically addressing many controversial issues that do not represent all of the profession of physical therapy.

Karen Smith, PT, DPT

Middle District Delegate, APTA-TN



Summary of RC 6-20 Amend Bylaws-to Allow Sections to Vote in the House of Delegates


Motion RC-6-20 is a proposal to amend the APTA bylaws to allow Sections to vote in the House of Delegates.  Currently, Section delegates are non-voting delegates, meaning their rights and privileges (in the House of Delegates) include that they may speak, debate, and make second motions.  The motion specifies that each Section, within the APTA, shall be allotted 2 voting delegates within the House of Delegates.


The motion makers state that Section delegates currently are considered ‘delegates’ meaning they serve the views of their constituents however, they currently do not have voting privileges on policy or election of the APTA Board of Directors. The motion makers also state that it is “unlikely for Chapter delegations [who are the voting delegates) to represent the diversity of expertise in or across all the areas of Section expertise.”  Lastly, the motion makers explain that other governance organizations, such as AMA, APha, and ANA, include proportional representation from their state organizations as well as their own organizational specialty groups equivalent to APTA’s Sections.  Please refer to the motion, titled “RC 6-20 Amend Bylaws-to allow Section to Vote in the House of Delegates” for more detailed information.


Summary posted by  Allie Bourassa, DPT, NCS, At Large APTA-TN Delegate



2020 Delegates-TN Chapter


Trish King, Chief ’21                                     


W 423-439-8794 



Karen Smith, Middle’20


Carol Likens, West ‘21


Andy Gean, At Large ’20


Drew Tucker, At Large ’20 


Caroline Rogers, At Large ‘20


Allie Bourassa, At Large ’20


Alan Meade, Alternate ’20                     


David Lehman, Alternate ’20


Allison Stowers Alternate ’20



TN PTA Caucus Representatives


Tiffany Holt, PTA Caucus Rep 


Rhonda Haley, PTA Alternate


*David Harris, PTA Caucus Chief Delegate to the HOD 

*TPTA member, not representing TPTA in the PTA Caucus


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